London Showcase

The Capital's brewers produce a cornucopia of beer

A London Beer City Event - More details Here

Monday 11th August 2014 from 5pm at

The Hope, Carshalton. SM5 2PR


All Beers not available at GBBF in Cask, Keg, KeyKeg, Bottles and Cans

Many interesting and extraordinary beers will be available

Here's the Marquee list, and this is just LBA, we have lots more! :)

Including, on KeyKeg:

Pressure Drop 'Pale Fire' 4.8%

Beavertown 'Gamma Ray APA' 5.4%

Brodie's 'Hackney Red IPA' 6.1%

The Kernel 'Simcoe Citra 306 IPA' 7.2%

5Points 'IPA' 7.2%

Redchurch 'Old Ford Export Stout' 7.5%


And on Cask:

Redemption 'Tropical Trinity' 3% special

Brodie's 'Kiwi' 3.9% 

Hackney 'Best' 4.4% 

5Points 'Pale' 4.4%

Twickenham 'Naked Ladies' 4.4% special

Redemption 'Little Chief' 4.5% special

5Points 'Railway Porter' 4.8%

Clarence and Fredericks 'Cascadian Blackberry' 4.8%special

London Fields 'Grapefruit Dead' 5%

LBA 'Black White IPA' 5.9% special

In The Fridge:

Beavertown cans

Pressure Drop Bottles

There will be lots more in the bar!